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To start this butterfly wing crafts project, you would have to secure a 14 gauge galvanized wire, some pliers, used nylon stockings or scrap textile, a needle with thread (preferably white), some markers or non-toxic paint and of course, wire cutters. These are common household items you might see lying around, so there’s no need to spend. However, if they are unavailable, you can improvise according to what you see fits. Now, the first thing you must do is take out the wire and form individual wing parts. .

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Health Acid reflux is nothing but a digestion complication that is caused by the valve, lower esophageal sphincter. It is abbreviated as LES. It is a valve that is placed in between the esophagus and stomach.

LES is the valve that allows the food from esophagus to stomach. It closes soon after the food gets settled in stomach. Sometimes this valve opens too often or refuses to close even after the food settles. This leads to acid secretion in the stomach which layers the esophagus. In extreme cases it could also reach the mouth causing rashes. This is the reason for discomforts such as heartburn and mouth ulcer.

Acid reflux is a result of a careless approach towards health and lifestyle. Bad practices like hitting the sack soon after meals, drinking water post-meals and excessive eating may lead to enormous release of stomach acid. Lack of exercise and stress can also be classic causes of this condition.

Mentioned below are few symptoms of this digestion complication

Heartburn is a very famous symptom of acid reflux. There could be a searing pain in and around the region of heart. This has nothing to do with the heart. However the pain will just revolve around heart and will subside in a while. Sometime people assume this to be chest pain.

Burping (also known as belching) is a very common problem for people with stomach gas. However it is not just limited to stomach gas or constipation. It can also be a symptom of the acid release condition. Gas is a byproduct of digestion. People suffering from stomach acid might face uneven gas release and distribution.

Some people have the feeling of bloating after a heavy meal. They try to consume carbonic drinks to alleviate the discomfort. However this is a bad practice as this might give immediate relief but in the due course of time it could worsen the condition.

Regurgitation is one of the symptoms of stomach acid where the swallowed food comes back to the mouth. It is also called wet vomit. In severe cases of acid reflux, the vomitting of whole food content might happen. This is the process in which stomach acid reaches the mouth casuing mouth rashes.

Abdominal pain is also one of the well-known symptoms of reflux. There be might be bowel-twitching after heavy meals. In case of severe acid condition, people find this symptom after each meal. This is sometime mistaken for bowel movement. However initiation of bowel movement can also be observed in few cases of acid reflux.

Bitterness in the mouth could also be a sign of acid reflux. This is because of the layering of stomach acid in the inner walls of mouth. In extreme cases of acid reflux, people even start to choke.

If you are on look out for a home remedy for this condition you might want to follow this link - acid reflu treatment.

Visit our blog for more information on acid reflux treatment, constipation remedies and other such home remedies.

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This is Ramya, a Biotechnologist. Ever since I studied Biotechnology, I somehow developed enormous interest in home treatments and home remedies. My collections and blogs will be all about home remedies and healthy ways of living.

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