Timed flush toilet urinals A very popular system in Europe, the urinal flushes automatically at regular time intervals. That's why they are common sight in men's washroom. Some of the urinals may be placed lower than the others, so they can easily be used by young boys. The users should operate it as they leave. Even if the liquid has to be periodically replaced, it saves around 100.Urinals are toilets specialized for urinating, usually used by men.Porcelain and ceramic urinals are usually preferred for their aesthetics, but stainless steel urinal systems may be better if you care more about reliability. As they usually do not offer urinals for sale to the public, you should try a retailer. Several designs have been tried, but they either require the user to bring her genitals into close contact with the toilet or to hover awkwardly.000 liters of water per year.If youre looking to buy urinal sets, there are quite a few manufacturers out there: American Standard Brands, Gustavsberg, Vitra etc.Accessories for urinal systemsUrinal dividers are usually installed to solve the privacy problem. More complicated solutions take into account the number of times the bathroom door opens, flushing accordingly. The lighter-than-water liquid floats on top of the urine, preventing odors to be released. The system is efficient as long as patrons remember to use it. Most people prefer not to use it because they don't want to touch the handle. Urinal Cistern FittingUrinals usually have a high level cistern (either china to match the bowl or acrylic to save costs) which automatically releases water to rinse the bowl. Toilet urinals ArrangementThe Urinal systems are usually placed opposite to the door, so men have their back to those who enter the washroom. Waterless urinal systemsThey usually use sealant liquid instead of water. There are some urinals designed to be operated with a pedal placed at floor-level. Urinal systems with manual handles Each urinal is equipped with a button or a handle that start the flushing. When a certain level is reached, a valve opens and all toilets are flushed.

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